— Sharing a meal has always been important to us.
To share a meal is an opportunity to share our day.
To share our challenges, our triumphs, our stories. To pause, to listen, to build bridges, to bridge gaps – A time to engage with those we care about and disengage with the noise that we don’t. It is in this way that food brings us together.



Laneway Greens is our opportunity to share a meal with our community. And perhaps most importantly, share our conversation.

Understanding that the freshest produce comes from the best farming is a simple concept. So it makes sense that we are on a first name basis with our growers, cook all our dishes from scratch and embrace simple, seasonal, honest food.

But for us, honest food doesn’t start with food at all. It starts with knowledge and respect. When we know our food, when we know its story, we become a vital part of the connection between what we eat and it’s impact on our bodies, our communities, our environment.

To us, making honest food is an opportunity to influence the way our food is produced. To influence the choices we make and, in our own small way, shape a world that’s better for everyone.