We’re sure you’ve got a heap of questions. Don’t worry, we’ve gone ahead and answered a few of them for you…

How To Pay:

Paying on the Laneway Greens app is pretty easy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play

  2. Follow the prompts or select ‘payment’ on the menu

  3. Click on the ‘Credit or Debit Card’ box to add your card details. If you’re fancy, you can use the photo method, or type in the details yourself.

  4. Voilà, your card is now successfully loaded into the app.

Paying In-store:

  1. Select which Laneway Greens store you’re be ordering from (it’s at the top of the Home screen)

  2. When you’re all set up and ready to pay in our stores, hit the ‘Pay in-store’ button at the bottom of the Home screen

  3. You’ll see your mobile number displayed

  4. Order your items, and let us know behind they counter “you’re paying with the app

  5. We’ll ask you to confirm your number and we’ll process your order

  6. The amount will be debited from your card

How do I order ahead with the app?

Ordering ahead with our app is simple.

  1. Select which Laneway Greens store you’re be ordering from (it’s at the top of the Home screen)

  2. Tap the ‘How are you ordering' button (it's at the bottom of the Home screen)

  3. Select 'Order ahead'

  4. Add your products. Your cart will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Tap your Cart > Check out

  6. Tap the blue button Pay with app

  7. Head to your selected Laneway Greens Store to pick up

Your attached payment method is only ever charged for what you order and we’ll email your receipt to you. You can also check a history of orders in the app under ‘My Activity.’

If you have credit on your account, it will automatically be used for your purchase. If the total purchase is more than your current credit balance, your default attached payment method will be used to pay the balance. For every $1 you spend using the app you'll automatically earn 10 points. Your current point balance will always be visible on the Home screen of your app.

Once you've earned enough points, these can be used to redeem free stuff which you can use now, or save for later.

How do I enter an exclusive code or voucher?

  1. Open your app

  2. Tap the top left Menu,

  3. Select from' Voucher' from the list of menu items

  4. Type in your code

  5. Press 'Apply'

After entering your code, a 'Success' message should appear! Check your updated point balance on the Home screen.

Help! Something isn’t working

If you have any issues with the app, you can lodge your query via the Support section (located in the top left main menu). Our support team will look into and get back to you ASAP and if any payment needs to be refunded or changed, don’t worry, they’ll sort it out. If you’re in one of our stores, let us know if you’re having any problems with the app – We’ll try our best to sort this out for you for.

I need to change my card details saved in my account

  • Head to the ‘Payment’ menu or on the payment screen

I have a $1 transaction showing on my account and I’m pretty sure this wasn’t me who spent it

  • Don’t worry, you won’t be charged. This is just us playing around from the backend with a temporary authorisation transaction. It will disappear in a few days.

I'm sure I have an offer to redeem but I can't find it

  • Check under your 'Saved Offers' tab on the menu. If you still can't find it, send us an email at hello@lanewaygreens.com.au